“Mom, we should pray for her.”

A few weeks ago, my family was at Target and Walker, our 4-year-old, glanced down an aisle and saw a woman in a wheelchair. He said to me, “Mom, we should pray for her.” I agreed that we should and intended to move out of the main aisle to pray privately for her. Instead, I was nudged by God to tell Walker that we should go up to her to pray for her directly. By then, she had moved to the main aisle and was moving away from us, being pushed by (presumably) her daughter. With a bit of hesitation due to the more public setting, I grabbed Walker and we walked quickly to catch up with them. I told them that my son said we should pray for her and asked if we could do that. She nervously said yes. Meanwhile, another man (son-in-law?) came over too. I began to pray and saw everyone’s posture change from skeptical of what was happening to bowing their heads and settling into the moment. In the end, they all seemed so grateful and my sweet Walker learned how to step out in prayer for others.

I’m so grateful for what God has been teaching us at Thrive and am certain that this moment would not have happened if it weren’t for us leaning into the Spirit as encouraged at our little church.

-Kim Osicka