A Holding Pattern, God & The NFL

A few years ago, my husband and I were looking for a new church home. We visited many churches in the Palatine area and were regularly attending a local church. There is nothing wrong with this church, but I strongly felt that God had something more for us. I didn't know what to do. We had visited so many churches. We didn't think there were any other churches for us to chose from in the Palatine area. Dwight thought we should join the church we were attending, but I just kept saying "I'm not sure we should join this church." I felt like we were in a holding pattern. We would be comfortable at this church, but we wouldn't stretch and grow in our spiritual walks. I wasn't hearing any word from God on what to do.

Then in April of this year I was driving home from work, and I was waiting at the stoplight on Plum Grove and Palatine roads. I saw a sign that said; "Easter Egg Hunt at Thrive Vineyard Church in Palatine." I thought to myself; "WHAT! There is a church in Palatine that we have not visited. I'm going to check it out." When I got home, I looked up the website and read about Thrive Vineyard Church and I knew that I should attend a service. Right from the first service, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and I knew it was the right church for us.

I attended a few more weeks by myself, but I wanted my husband to attend too. He was in the middle of a busy season at work and was working on Sunday mornings. I told him about Thrive and he was ready to attend service with me, because he did not have to work on Sundays any more. But, I was worried that he would not like Thrive, because it is so different from our previous experiences with church. I prayed and asked God to lead us and make our decision clear about a church home.

Then the first Sunday that we attended service together at Thrive, the speaker was a football player from the NFL!!! Dwight is a huge sports fan, so this was fantastic!! Dwight loved Thrive from his first time we attended too!!!

So this is how we became members of Thrive. God used a sign to bring us to Thrive and God used His perfect timing to bring an NFL speaker for Dwight the first time he attended. How good is GOD!

-Nancy Haberichter