Still Healed After Prayer!

I am pleased to share some ways that Thrive has blessed me! About 3 weeks ago I went forward for prayer and with the laying on of hands and prayer, the pain in my mid back totally left and it is still gone! I had had pain from a compression fracture in the thoracic area and had taken ibuprofen about 3X that week. NO need for it now!!

I see that God has grown me in several ways at Thrive: through friends He brought into my life, through the small group that meets in my home, and just being in a loving supportive atmosphere at church where I have an opportunity to exercise my gifts. I am super, super blessed!!

I am still needing to see more evidences of healing in my body. I do believe that healing is in the atonement, and I believe that I need to keep speaking the healing scriptures over myself, thanking Him, our Lord and Savior, for his suffering that provided healing for us all.