Lyft Encounter

I just arrived at my hotel from a Lyft ride, Samuel was my driver. I opted for the shotgun seat to be able to talk with him. It didn’t take long for a conversation to commence. I started with simple questions. “How long have you been driving with Lyft?” “What do you do for fun in Nashville?” “I see a Jamaican flag in your car, is that where you’re from?”

From there and through some more volleying of questions between us, Samuel began to explain his dream to open a family owned and run Bed and Breakfast in Jamaica. I really saw his eyes light up when he talked about his ideas, the roles family members would have in the business, and the plan to make his dream a reality. Quite simply, it nearly inspired me to build a BnB in Jamaica!

After he shared his dream and just after a casual conversation about spirituality, I asked Samuel if he knew about God and had any relationship with Jesus. He said he knew about Christianity and didn’t necessarily believe in it; however, he did believe in a higher power and was still searching.

Without giving the man a tract or offering him to repent of his sins, I simply offered to pray for him. With his permission, I began to pray and prophecy the calling on his life in his name, which means “name of God” or “God has heard” in Hebrew! I assured him that his searching is such a great place to start. I spoke over his created value and I shared some specific words of knowledge pertaining to his entrepreneurial visions. Above all, I spoke the promise that God is so in love with him and that in Jesus, the heart of the Father is revealed.

It was a great Lyft ride. I might not ever see Samuel again. He might have driven away thinking I was a lunatic (he did seem in good spirits and we shook hands before he left). He might not remember a thing I said. But in faith, I’m praying that the next person he drives or a stranger at the grocery store encounters him with the same level of humanness and bravery to risk and love on him. Just maybe the searching he’s been doing will turn itself and he will realize that God has been searching for him all along.

-Michael Mims