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How are you wired? What's your "superpower"? Do you know what God made you for? Do you ever wonder what your divinely crafted, spiritual gift might be? And if you have a sense of your spiritual gifts already, do you wonder how you might more fully utilize your particular spiritual gift inside and outside the church in such a way that you AND the church is more blessed and more impactful?

Too many of us are unsure about our particular spiritual gifts, and we haven't fully activated the gifts that God has given us to impact the church and the world, but now is the time we need all the gifts in operation. We need YOUR gifts activated and deployed so that we can be everything that we are called to be as people and as a church. 

Join Pastor Kevin on Tuesday, June 18 and 25 from 7:00-9:00pm at Thrive for a two week intensive on the topic of spiritual gifts. On week one, we will discuss the various spiritual gifts, and we will take a spiritual gifts inventory together that will help illuminate how each of us are gifted. On week two, we will score our inventories and discuss how we can verify the results through other avenues of discovery, and how we can develop and utilize the gifts that God has given us.  

It's our goal that every ‘Thriver’ understands how God has supernaturally gifted us, and how we can effectively use our spiritual gifts to bring life, health and power to the church to the glory of God! Things are going to get exciting!

Please let us know your coming!

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